Audvik Labs


Develop a digital innovative solution for the enterprise of tomorrow. An intelligent analytics platform to have a better strategic vision and alliance across different geographical teams and regions. Empower the business with predictive capability based on the past behavior to fasten the decision making for future. Enhance the collaboration between different teams with the help of intelligent technology systems to drive revenue growth.


  • A central and automated repository to have a holistic overview of the consumers from different socio- demographic, product, brand and technology background.
  • Big data extraction and management across multiple sources, intelligent categorization and optimized storage.
  • Capability to link more than one data sources achieved with the help of systematic data pre-processing.
  • Develop highly intelligent single screener and recall across multiple research agencies in different regions.
  • Statistical and advanced analytics capability by using the cutting-edge tools and technologies new to the market.
  • Intelligent and interactive dashboards to empower the users and allow them to discover new insights.
  • Streamlined the workflows with staging into the system.
  • Intuitive UI design to aid smooth user experience.



  • Data size and quality
  • Aggregation & Categorization
  • Minimize the cost of operation
  • Build Intelligence into the tool
  • Interactive customizable reports


  • Optimized data management
  • Advanced analysis capabilities
  • Cost Savings worth 50K Euros
  • Augmented data quality
  • Better insights from data to empower the team and business

Tech Stack

  • Python
  • Django / Rest framework
  • PostgreSQL



Unlock user productivity while bringing in 40 man- hour savings per week, doing more with less.

AI Powered Analytics

Harnessing the power of AI and ML to build a tool that helps predict the future test results with high-accuracy of 98%.


Strengthening the partnerships between regional teams to unlock growth opportunities to build the future together.

"Our primary obiective is to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to organizations, empowering their workforce to achieve enhanced productivity and efficiency through innovative technologies."
Mohit Kumar
Founder AudvikLabs