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What is Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)?

Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) high-performance block storage service designed to be used with EC2 for both throughput and IOPS at any scale. We can mount volumes as devices on EC2 instances. We can mount multiple EBS volumes to one EC2 instance but you can’t mount one EBS Volume to multiple EC2 instances. EBS are of 5 types: General Purpose SSD (gp2)


What is Currying in Ruby?

Currying is a technique in which a function accepts N parameters and turns it into a sequence of functions, each of them take 1 parameter. In mathematics and computer science, currying is the technique of translating the evaluation of a function that takes multiple arguments into evaluating a sequence of functions, each with a single argument. For example, a function that takes two arguments, one from X and one


Django vs Node.js

Both tools are great for building web applications, however, there are use cases where each stands out. Django, for example, is a great choice when you are considering using a relational database, a lot of external libraries, have security as a top priority on your list and need to build the application quickly. Use Node JS when you have an asynchronous stack