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As more businesses leverage the cloud for their operations, it has become important to have a strong cloud strategy for an advantage in the market. AudvikLabs helps organizations in defining the cloud strategy and a step-by-step plan to transform their IT environment with cost-effective cloud services. Our team of experts understands the business problem and provides cutting-edge cloud consulting services that help companies lower costs and boost productivity.

We help our customers with on-demand enterprise cloud solutions, designing the architecture for applications and provisioning servers, storage, databases, and networking, among others. With our cloud-managed services, organizations can reduce the time to market and make an MVP faster than ever.

With our top-notch cloud-managed services, we help our clients become more agile and responsive to the changing market landscape, and all this at a very reasonable cost. Transformation to the cloud is expensive only when not done in the right manner, we help our clients optimize their return on investments by helping them make the right decisions.

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How do we help?

On-Prem to Cloud Movement
Cloud to Cloud Migration
Architecture Optimization
Reverse Cloud Migration
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If your applications are running on an on-premise data center, hosted on a third-party public/private cloud, or a combination of the two, we can help you with the migration of applications and the data center to a more secure environment. We also help our clients seamlessly scale and migrate the chosen application workloads. If you want to switch from one cloud to another, we have a cloud-to-cloud migration strategy that helps our customers for a seamless transition.

If you have recently moved to the cloud and are not happy with the performance we can help you optimize it to ensure smooth operations or we can help you in reverse cloud-migration back to local data center.

Moving an old legacy system to the cloud is always challenging, but with AudvikLabs as your partner, this journey becomes smooth as we have experience migrating more than 100 legacy systems to the cloud.

Our acumen in Cloud computing consulting services addresses all customer challenges pertaining to a seamless transition to the Cloud, and we have plenty of resources to maintain the Cloud solutions.

Our Approach

Why AudvikLabs For Your Cloud?

  • Cloud readiness assessment
  • Cloud architecture audit
  • Define Cloud roadmap and strategy
  • Multi-cloud strategy and cloud
  • Migrating, customizing, and developing applications
  • Roadmap for infrastructure management
  • Application Support Services
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Performance optimization
  • Security and Risk assessment


  • Application Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud-to-cloud movement
  • Migration of workload to new environment
  • Validation and performance testing
  • Application security testing
  • Management of all backups
  • Customized disaster recovery plans
  • Cloud-based application monitoring
  • Creating personalized parameters and checks
  • Personalized alerts for reporting
  • Cloud infrastructure governance plan
  • Infrastructure optimization for better performance and cost savings
  • Optimization and Improvement plans
  • Cloud data center design, development, and implementation
  • Cloud Operation management
  • Cloud infrastructure and application deployment
  • Building an agile, cloud-native platform
  • Governance and policy

Strategic Partnership

Our expertise and experience in dealing with the leading public cloud platforms make us a perfect choice for your business:

Microsoft Azure


Google Cloud

Oracle Cloud and more

Our Services

Private Cloud
Disaster Recovery
Public Cloud
Hybrid Cloud

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud Implementation is analogous to a user connecting to a central power grid instead of generating their own power, where the user can decide how much power input and output they want to utilise. Cloud Implementation implicitly means incorporation of the Cloud in a service/product offered by a company. In a much more broader sense, it is the activity of integrating your business operations with cloud computing services .It extends beyond the movement of data and applications to include management and customizations to meet your business objectives. The cloud infrastructure is a robust, fast, scalable, and innovative internet space that allows computer services to be delivered without the use of complex hardware or direct management.

In today’s timeline, wherein, businesses demand development and delivery of their services at an unprecedented rate in order to maintain an edge in the market, cloud implementation is a must. Post COVID circumstances have forced businesses to adopt Cloud Implementation, thus making it a necessary imperative. Versatility, dexterity, rapid deployment, and on-demand technology are just a few of the critical business benefits gained by moving to the cloud.

Cloud migration is the process of moving digital assets to cloud infrastructure.  Cloud migration is the process of transferring tools and data from legacy infrastructure or an on-premises* data centre to the cloud. Though it is not strictly restricted to local on premise – cloud movements. Cloud Migration can also refer to cloud to cloud movement.

A Cloud Service is any system that provides on-demand access to computer system resources, such as data storage and computing power, without the user’s authority. This does not entail all CSPs too conform to the above definition though. CSPs are delegated with majorly four different types of services, namely: 

  1. Infrastructure as a service. 
  2. Platform as a service. 
  3. Software as a service.
  4. Serverless computing.

Audviklabs resorts to some of the most widely used CSPs like Amazon Web services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, to offer you the most complete client experience. Some of the key factors to be considered while choosing the right CSP for your services are listed below: 

  1. Conformance to local Rules and Regulations. 
  2. Integrity and Reliability. 
  3. Financial Costs. 
  4. Provided architecture. 
  5. Business Compatibility. 
  6. Project Size. 
  7. Business Compatibility. 
  8. Services provided for Cloud Migration. 

We also provide counseling for helping you choose the best CSP for your service. 

AudvikLabs takes into consideration all possible scenarios when dealing with cloud migration plans. Often times, there arise scenarios wherein a business may feel that the developed cloud services are falling short of their projected goals. This may cause the users to resort to the old school on premise server infrastructure. AudvikLabs helps clients in migrating data from any public/private/hybrid cloud back to the business’s local premise infrastructure. Reverse cloud migration, also known as cloud repatriation, entails returning your applications to on-premises infrastructure or a private cloud. Typically, businesses move some or all of their business components from the public cloud to a local data centre, which is more secure and provides greater control over the computing environment.  

Some common reasons for companies opting for reverse migration are: 

  1. Security Issues 
  2. Long term maintenance and deployment costs. 
  3. Instability of Public Cloud Servers. 

On top of this we also provide exit strategies for successful cloud exits.