Audvik Labs


Distributed IT infrastructure across R&D applications, leading to high run cost & system complications.
Objective is to consolidate applications under one IT infrastructure to save costs.


  • Developed a containerized solution using Kubernetes, to migrate parts of code that were incompatible with the new platform, resulting in highly scalable & flexible system.
    Optimized the Machine Learning algorithm used by the system to train models, reducing run time to 1.5hr from 3hrs.
  • Enhanced application UI, enabled the team to view the results of different ML models & compare results in a glance.
  • Developed a critical module to view the application logs.
  • Access & authorization controlled environment to allow users to add/discard data models, upload/download a new model, store and save the model in repository & use as needed.
  • Activated session restoration capability resulting in 50% reduction in time taken to run the models on the system.
  • Built Robust application to withstand server failure, network failure using latest cloud capabilities from Azure Cloud.



  • Incompatible code
  • Complexity of containerization deployment for modules
  • ML model optimization
  • Legacy data migration


  • Successful transition to cloud OTIF.
  • Advanced ML algorithm for training Cost Savings worth 50K Euros/Year.
  • Enhanced user experience.
  • Slashed the run-time of application by 30% in the 1st month.

Tech Stack

  • Azure Cloud & Kubernetes
  • Python, Django
  • Azure DB


Successful migration of application using containerization technology making the application robust, scalable, flexible in hybrid IT environments

Consolidation in IT infrastructure brought in 50K savings in the 1st year, followed by 10K potential savings YoY with reduction in total run time of app

Enhancements in the application aids user community to interact. share information and view the results faster than ever driving efficiency in work.


$ 0 K
Cost savings in 1st Year
New Features Deployed
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Savings In Run Cost
" With the help of AudvikLabs' cutting-edge cloud solution, our organization experienced a remarkable transformation of our legacy applications, resulting in unparalleled productivity and efficieny.
Ton Gladys