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Django vs Node.js

Both tools are great for building web applications, however, there are use cases where each stands out.

Django, for example, is a great choice when you are considering using a relational database, a lot of external libraries, have security as a top priority on your list and need to build the application quickly. Use Node JS when you have an asynchronous stack from the server, need great performance, intend building features from scratch and an app that does the heavy client-side processing. Also if you are planning to do some analysis of data and Machine learning then Django has edge over node.

Below is a list of points that explained the key difference between Django vs Node.js

  1. Django provides great security and while developing application developers need not worry about security concerns. Node.js also provide good security but developers need to make sure it.
  2. Django is really versatile as it can be used for content management, computing platforms, and large web application development. Node.js can be used for a different range of JavaScript web applications. It provides you the freedom and space to develop an application from scratch.
  3. Django is not mainly referred to as Full stack web development. Node.js is getting popular, because of which full stack javascript is now a reality that developers can write code for backend and front-end applications.
  4. Django makes the development more efficient and cost-effective. Node.js makes development easy but it slows down the process.
  5. Django is easy to learn if the developer knows Python. Otherwise, it is very complex to learn. Node.js is easy to learn if the individual knows JavaScript.
  6. Django has a lot of features that enrich this framework for developers like content development, sitemaps, and user authentication. Node.js has also great features like non-blocking input-output.
  7. Django web application development is really stable. Node.js system mainly lacks in stability.
  8. Django is mainly used for large applications and support multi-threading programming. Node.js does not support multi-threading programming and not ideal for running large calculations.

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