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A business critical application is at the verge of shutdown as it is developed 2 decades ago with limitations, lack of system understanding is posing a challenge for cloud migration.


  • Structuring Unstructured Data
    The project data, initially stored as unstructured documents, is transformed into structured data using Azure Form Recognizer. This integration ensures secure storage and efficient data extraction.
  • Enhancing Search Capabilities
    Azure Cognitive Search is implemented to create an index, allowing users to explore, filter, and query project content, improving data discoverability and retrieval.
  • Integrating AI-Powered Features
    The system incorporates the OpenAI Playground into the web application, providing a user-friendly platform that enriches the system’s overall functionality.
  • Ensuring Reliability
    Robust error handling mechanisms are implemented to ensure a smooth and flexible user experience, even in challenging situations.
  • Unified Data Ecosystem
    The system seamlessly integrates data storage, extraction, search, and advanced language capabilities, creating a user-centric environment for efficient information retrieval and interaction.


  • The seamless integration of scalable data management, dynamic language processing, and stringent security measures has ensured a cohesive and powerful foundation.
    This reflects our commitment to delivering a high-quality and impactful solution that aligns seamlessly with our client’s goals.



1. Lack of Documentation
Absence of documentation from previous similar work posed challenges in knowledge transfer and project continuity.

2. Unresolved scope
The absence of a sianed-off scope of work led to confusion and challenges during project closure


1. Accurate Query Responses
The response of the query is accurate, enhancing user satisfaction and efficiency.

2. Document Citation
Every response includes a citation of the relevant document. Improving transparency and accountant

3. Single Sign-On
Achieving single sign-on functionality enhances data protection and user convenience.

4. Speech-to-Text Integration
The implementation of speech-to-text functionality offers an additional laver of accessibility and usability for users

Tech Stack

  • Python
  • Azure services – Cognitive search
  • Azure Speech to text
  • Azure storage
  • Azure ztive Directors
  • Azure Web application


Scalable Data Management
• Azure Storage’s scalability approach ensures efficient data management and storage. Guaranteeing optimal performance even as data loads increase

Adaptive Web Apps
• Azure Web Apps Scalability offers both vertical and horizontal scalability, providing the flexibility to adiust resource allocation in response to changing user traffic and demand. Ensuring a responsive and efficient user experience

Cost-Effective Scaling
• An automatic scaling mechanism optimizes resource utilization and cost-effectiveness, making the solution economically sustainable