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Get started with Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) in 5 minutes?

Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) is used to send and receive email. It is a cloud-based email sending service designed to help digital marketers and application developers send marketing, notification, and transactional emails. It is a reliable, cost-effective service for businesses of all sizes that use email to keep in contact with their customers.

You can use Amazon SMTP interface or one of the AWS SDKs to integrate Amazon SES directly into your existing applications. You can also integrate the email sending capabilities of Amazon SES into the software you already use, such as ticketing systems and email clients.

Currently Amazon SES is available only in following regions:

  1. US East (N. Virginia)
  2. US West (Oregon)
  3. EU (Ireland)

We can signup for Amazon SES by visiting SES Dashboard ( and follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First you need to verify your Domain via Domains Tab of SES Dashboard

2. Raise a Ticket to increase email sending quota

3. Once limit has been increased you can visit SMTP Settings Tab and Create SMTP Credentials

4. You can view summary of your SES consumption by visiting Sending Statistics tab of SES Dashboard.

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