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The hybrid cloud model refers to the combination of one or more public clouds with a private cloud platform or an on-premise virtual environment that connects to the public cloud. This model of cloud utilizes the best of both worlds which are on-premise private cloud services and a third-party public cloud service. Both platforms are connected to each other and are designed to perform distinct functions, this helps organizations and businesses to offload the non-sensitive operations to a public cloud platform while securing the sensitive operations to the private cloud platform.

An example of a hybrid cloud: A business application that is used by employees across the globe can be hosted using the public cloud platform while the data can be securely stored on the private cloud platform, this allows companies to control who can access the data without having to worry about the IT infrastructure of the application.

With our expertise in both public and private cloud platforms, our clients have been able to restructure their applications and IT infrastructure in a way that best suits the organization’s goals along with enhanced security, 100% compliance with laws and policies, and saving cost at the same time.

Our Methodology


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Model-Fit Analysis

  • We understand the business problem and the IT infrastructure, followed by performing an analysis to determine if the use-case suits the hybrid style of cloud.
  • This stage helps us design the solution with utmost clarity.


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Solution Design

  • With our cloud-mix model, we make a blueprint of the solution to identify gaps and limitations before proceeding with the architecture.
  • This saves a huge amount of time in the development cycle.


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Optimized Deployment

  • Drive up business agility by testing end-to-end security before deployment.
  • Ensure no business disruption by proactive data load management and zero business activity for deployment.


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Hybrid Approach

  • Define the development cycles for both the cloud platforms.
  • In-paralleldevelopment to save time.
  • Identify and inform stakeholders for fast action.

Each business has a unique requirement for its applications based on usage, business criticality, accessibility, and the hybrid cloud has the capability to support this. We at AudvikLabs have experience in designing a cloud-mix model, a customized solution that meets all the requirements of the business and caters to the security policies of an organization without having to design the entire IT infrastructure.

This model of cloud services offers numerous benefits that include higher availability and resilience in case of failure, augmented data management with enhanced security as compared to a public cloud, and freedom to scale operations on a public cloud with no threat to data.

With our authentic cloud-mix model, our clients have seen a 40% reduction in the time taken to design a hybrid cloud solution.

Benefits Of Hybrid Cloud Model


It allows business to focus on internal operations to ensure faster delivery of new business initiatives and enhances their ability to take decisions to ensure higher customer satisfaction.


As the public cloud is made of numbers services, database servicesand networks. It eliminates singlepoint failure and ensures that the cloud services are always up and running.


Most of the cloud providers provide a flexible pay-as-you-use model that allowsbusinesses to control the cost and pay only for the infrastructure they use. Our customers can run their web applications at no fixed cost for the setup of of services, databases, etc.


To scale up and down as per the need, with no additional hardware need. It can be accessed from anywhere over an internet-enabled device.

Benefits Of Hybrid Cloud Model

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