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The private cloud computing model of cloud services is the most secure way of designing and accessing applications, it assures the highest level of security for data, storage, and infrastructure. In this model, the IT services and resources are provisioned for dedicated use for an organization or selected super users using in the company to access a private it infrastructure. in private cloud services, the businesses can customize their it environments as per the security policies and guidelines of the company, ensuring a tighter control on who can access the application and from where can people access the application. along with the benefits of the public cloud model which includes scalability, reliability, and flexibility this model offers enhanced security, customization, and cost predictability.
when the security of data, control, and performance of the application are the top priorities for your company, private cloud services are your choice. we believe data is the most important currency and it should be protected, hence our architects go a mile ahead to ensure the customer and internal data of our clients are stored in a highly secure space with controlled access to mitigate data leak-related risks.

Our Methodology


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  • Understand business challenges with legacy IT infrastructure.
  • Understand business objectives and goals.


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Design & Develop

  • Design/Optimize the application architecture.
  • Define timelines and deliverables.
  • Start the development.


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  • Application &Infrastructure deployment.
  • Workload deployment.
  • Activate security and access control.


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  • Underlying risks.
  • Security parameters.
  • Access control check.
  • Performance monitoring.

We at AudvikLabs help our customers to define a robust and reliable private cloud journey before getting started. Our 4 step approach ensures we have covered all the corners and ensures we are on the right track. our customers don’t have to wait for months to have a first look at the application or the infrastructure, we work in an agile way and keep Our clients updated at each step of the journey.

AudvikLabs consulting, implementation, and testing services ensure on time in full delivery of the software within the budget while meeting all the business objectives.

Benefits Of Private Cloud Services


In case of public cloud failure, all the applications hosted are impacted, and businesses must rely on the service provider for the resolution of the problem. However, with a private cloud, you can ensure business connectivity by invoking the business continuity plan and having a dedicated resolution team to look into the issue.


Each industry has its own laws and policies to abide by, and hence, the private cloud becomes a suitable choice as it allows people to de the retention, access-control, and archival policies.


As the infrastructure is provisioned keeping in check the needs of your organization, the cost is very optimized. The total cost of ownership of an IT infrastructure significantly reduces with a private cloud service model.



In the private cloud services model, all the data is saved and managed on servers that can be accessed only by authorized personnel and no one else. This greatly enhances the privacy of data.


Either the application can be hosted on-site or in a private data center in a privately hosted environment, this gives businesses the capability to intervene whenever changes are needed.


With public cloud services there are limitations to what can be customized, however, with private cloud services organizations can choose an infrastructure with specific storage and networking characteristics to meet the needs of business efficiently.

Benefits Of Private Cloud Services

Examples Of Private Cloud Use-Cases:

  • Government or Regulatory Requirements.
  • Cost of Ownership.
  • Network Latency
  • Specialty hardware or configuration requirements.
  • High Availability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data and Application Security

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