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Migration of a legacy R&D application to Azure cloud with all the master & legacy data, along with reports, to build enhancements into the tool for for seamless analysis of data


  • Understand current issues with the application, propose solution and enhancements to improve user interaction.
  • Application architecture made using serverless technique to reduce development and run costs for the application.
  • Build a module to capture, store and visualize experiment details, along with real-time info exchange with other tools.
    Build custom dashboards to track the results of experiments, this report improved visibility & saved 28 man-hours/week.
  • Access & authorization controlled environment to allow users to view/change the experiments, create new, customize fields to be included in tests and validity of tests Run cost went down from $30K/year to $10K/year.
  • Built Robust application to withstand server failure, network failure using latest cloud capabilities from Azure Cloud.



  • Old technical stack
  • Complexity of data gathering
  • Confidentiality of data
  • Change Management


  • MVP ready in 4 weeks to be used.
  • Advanced visualization capability.
  • Cost Savings worth 20K Euros/Year.
  • Improved systems integration.
  • Low Cost digital solution, easy-to-use with improved user experience.

Tech Stack

  • Azure AD
  • Python, Django
  • Azure Cosmos DB


Cost-efficient cloud system to aid - upsizing, downsizing of operations as per the application usage, process optimization using digital tools

Increase in operational efficiency with the help of analytics and data visualization to aid top management in decision making

Enhanced collaboration between different geographical teams working on the data, increased visibility, transparency and efficiency


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Cost savings in 1st Year
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Real-time Data Transfer
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Savings In Run Cost
"AudvikLabs played a crucial role in transforming our legacy applications through their cutting-edge cloud solution, empowering us to achieve unparalleled productivity and efficiency through seamless migration and innovative technology"
V. Srikanth