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Shared resources for low-cost and easy access across the internet

What is Public Cloud

Cloud Computing has various models of which the public cloud computing model is the most common model. In this model, the cloud services are built by utilizing the shared physical resources that are pooled together and orchestrated in a virtual environment. In this model, the same shared infrastructure is used to provide services to various clients and can be accessed using a public network like the internet. In this model, the provisioning of resources, and computational services happen on a self-service basis with the help of web applications and services over the internet.

Our Methodology

With more than a decade of experience in the public cloud, we strive to empower our clients toward effective business transformation, with zero disruption to ongoing business. Our Workload management approach ensures zero data loss and has the capability to recover 100% of data.

Our 4-dimensional approach enables us to assess, plan, execute and optimize to ensure business continuity and rapid resilience.

Examples Of Public Cloud Use-Cases:

AudvikLabs supports the below use cases and more:

  • Enterprise apps
  • Web and CMS systems
  • Disaster recovery
  • Web / App servers
  • Web and mobile apps
  • Dev and test environments
  • Rapid scalability and elasticity
  • High availability and fault tolerance
  • Global reach and accessibility
  • DevOps and agile development practices
  • Support for big data and machine learning
  • Streamlined collaboration and communication
  • Rapid prototyping and experimentation
  • Easier software updates and maintenance.

Our industry-recognized architects can help your organization implement best-in-class public cloud services-enabled IT infrastructure and help you realize the massive benefits of the cloud immediately. Get in touch now.

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