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Quality assurance is a component of the software development lifecycle that determines whether a product/service meets a business’s accepted standards and requirements. With our robust quality testing framework, we have helped many global enterprises to gain predictability, improve performance, reduce the overall cost spent on testing, and maximize ROI. It is very critical for any software development team to identify the bugs and risks early in the software development lifecycle, as it is cheap to fix a bug in the development stage as compared to an active product.

Our focus is to help organizations deliver high-quality software and applications that work flawlessly as intended under any conditions across any platform or channel through innovative and robust quality assurance processes. We understand the importance of QA and help our clients by performing thorough testing and giving timely feedback to the development team to make the required changes.


Quality Assurance GR

About Quality Assurance

Quality testing processes are used to identify and remediate shortcomings in functionality and performance of the application across a variety of platforms and services, using several philosophies and processes aimed at delivering the best and desired quality with the greatest ROI and least turnaround times. Quality Automation refers to the process of automating repeated steps, to save time and effort in a software development lifecycle. Automating your testing processes helps significantly to speed up the software release cycles. Automated software testing (also called test automation) is a process in which software tests software. Predefined automation tools run the test suite and return reports on critical outcomes. Software defects have a direct, negative impact on profitability, even a small number of defects can have catastrophic effects on a business, its customers, and its partners. Quality assurance plays a major role in the adaptability of new software and technology, it is critical to provide a product that enhances the user experience.

Our Areas Of Expertise

AudvikLabs QA Consulting provides a comprehensive array of functional and non-functional methodologies based on its extensive testing expertise and industry/domain skills.

This includes functional, technical, performance, and security testing, all of which are critical to ensure the application or product meets the desired quality standards.

With development cycles reducing significantly, the time taken to test those should also reduce to support faster development, that’s where automation comes to the rescue.

This area of quality assurance is critical for any business to ensure the right people have the right access. It helps identify security risks posed by software.

Under this we do web testing, configuration testing, mobile testing, and others based on the customer’s need.

Core Testing

This includes end-to-end quality assurance services to help organizations manage an increasingly complex technology landscape:

  • Functional Testing: Functional Testing is used to align and ensure that the software’s functionality corresponds well to the intended results of the business and stakeholders, it focuses on the output of the software rather than the source code itself.
  • Performance Testing: This area of testing deals with the performance of the application, it helps measure the time taken to execute different operations and the responsiveness of the overall program. It helps developers to determine how efficient the application’s response is in worst-case scenarios.
  • Test Automation: In this, we identify the use cases for automation and help our customers in their journey to full-scale automated testing that saves huge amounts of time.
  • Compatibility Testing: In this, an application or website is tested end-to-end in its digital ecosystem, which includes multiple platforms and helps determine the performance of the application in a complex network.
  • Security Testing: This ensures the application is protected and only authorized people can log in and work. It helps check access control adherence for any organization.

Automation Services

We help our clients define and execute their automation journey in the areas of RPA (Robotic Process Automation), blockchain, cloud, etc. As the software industry evolves, it is important to automate and achieve results faster, with our expertise we can assure you that this journey will be efficient and will help your organization reduce the time needed for testing. We help our clients with:

  • API Testing
  • CRM Testing
  • Blockchain Testing
  • UX Testing
  • Robotic Process
  • Automation
  • Cloud Ops Assurance
  • Agile Testing
  • Cloud Migration Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • DevOps Quality Assurance

Security Services

Our Security Testing services ensure that the customers have the right knowledge, expertise, and efficiency needed to conduct thorough security evaluations of their applications & corresponding environment. With our comprehensive range of assessments, we help our clients deep dive into the security state of applications and supporting systems along with helping with the remediation of the threats identified:

  • Security Assessment of Cloud Hosted Applications.
  • Security check of the Web and mobile applications, API’s.
  • Threat Modelling
  • DAST: Automated Dynamic Application Security Assessment
  • SAST: Static Application Security Assessments

Special Services

  • Web Testing: Web apps being an integral part of a business in these times, require thorough testing. Before a web application goes online, every organization should test it for potential flaws. Web testing is thus an essential step before deploying the code to production.
  • Configuration Testing: Configuration Testing is a software testing approach in which the software application is tested with various combinations of software and hardware in order to evaluate functional requirements and determine optimal configurations in which the software application runs without any errors or flaws.
  • Mobile Testing: The execution, adaptability, and utility of any mobile application plays a crucial role in how it is received by the end consumer base. AudvikLabs engineers review all lines of software code, collect bugs, and assist your application in becoming more user-friendly and convenient. We guarantee that your mobile product will continue to run smoothly with each update and enhancement, as well as quick support and maintenance, assisting you in developing a product that is reliable, versatile, and scalable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quality assurance is a component of quality management that determines whether a product/service meets a business accepted standards. Quality Assurance is a means of ensuring the quality of software services or products provided to clients by a company. 

Software quality assurance is a procedure that is used throughout the software development life cycle. It is the most effective approach for businesses to verify that every aspect of their product has been thoroughly tested before releasing it to the market. AudvikLabs provides several different QA testing alternatives to cater to the demands of their clients. We ensure a smooth and end to end functionality of your services and make sure to continually perform routine check-ups for the same.

A summary of our approach while providing QA services is as follows: 

  1. Mark out a general Software Quality Assurance plan for the proposed product/service. 
  2. Create checkpoints. The team establishes checkpoints to assess the project’s operations at each step. Checkpoints guarantee that quality is checked on a frequent basis throughout the life cycle. 
  3. Formal Technical Reviews are conducted to assess the product’s prototype’s design and quality. These assessments entail meeting with technical employees to discuss the software’s real quality needs as well as the design quality of the prototype. 
  4. A combination of ML algorithms and manual procedures is employed by developers to control changes. This step comprises reviewing the nature of any modifications, verifying change requests, and managing the impacts of the changes. 
  5. If there is a flaw in the product, the developers will rectify it. Consequently, something has changed in the product. The QA team now assesses how this new modification affects the whole product and whether it is compatible with the rest of the project. 
  6. At the very end, we ensure frequent quality checks to enable the proper functioning of the designed product. 

If your project fits in one or more of the following categories, it is necessary to perform QA testing on the same: 

  1. The duration of the project exceeds more than one year. 
  2. The product is frequently patched and updated which necessitates routine check-ups. 
  3. The service/project is centered around modifying and analyzing data. Example: Data Science tech firms. 
  4. The product/service is based on agile development philosophy with short iterations and recurring releases.