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About Quality Assurance

Quality Testing and Automation for Enhanced Software Quality

Quality testing processes are a cornerstone of software development, focusing on the identification and rectification of functionality and performance issues. They operate across various platforms and services, guided by proven philosophies and methods that aim to deliver optimal quality with the best return on investment and minimal turnaround times.

Quality Automation, an integral part of this process, revolves around automating repetitive tasks, saving precious time and effort throughout the software development lifecycle. This strategic move greatly expedites software release cycles, ensuring quicker delivery to users.

Automated software testing, also known as test automation, represents a pivotal phase in this journey. Here, software tests itself, powered by predefined automation tools that execute test suites and generate comprehensive reports highlighting critical outcomes.

The urgency of this approach cannot be overstated. Even a handful of software defects can wield a negative impact on profitability. In fact, the repercussions can be catastrophic for businesses, their customers, and their partners.

The linchpin in this pursuit is quality assurance. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless integration of new software and technology. The end goal is clear: to deliver a product that not only meets but enhances the user experience.

In essence, quality testing, automation, and assurance form the bedrock of successful software development, yielding high-quality, defect-free products and fostering overall business growth and user satisfaction.

Our Areas Of Expertise

AudvikLabs QA Consulting provides a comprehensive array of functional and non-functional methodologies based on its extensive testing expertise and industry/domain skills.

This includes functional, technical, performance, and security testing, all of which are critical to ensure the application or product meets the desired quality standards.



With development cycles reducing significantly, the time taken to test those should also reduce to support faster development, that’s where automation comes to the rescue.



This area of quality assurance is critical for any business to ensure the right people have the right access. It helps identify security risks posed by software.



Under this we do web testing, configuration testing, mobile testing, and others based on the customer’s need.



Core Testing

End-to-End Quality Assurance Services for Seamless Technology Management

In an era of ever-advancing technology, organizations require comprehensive quality assurance services to effectively navigate the complexities of their digital landscape. Our suite of services is designed to ensure that your software and applications not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Functional Testing: Our Functional Testing services are finely tuned to align software functionality with the desired outcomes of your business and stakeholders. Rather than delving into source code, our focus is on the end result of the software. We ensure that it delivers the precise results that your business needs.

Performance Testing: Performance Testing delves into the efficiency of your application. We measure the time taken to execute various operations and assess the responsiveness of your software. This testing provides valuable insights into how well your application responds, even in the most challenging scenarios.

Test Automation: Our Test Automation services are aimed at identifying automation opportunities. We guide our clients in their journey toward comprehensive automated testing, a strategy that not only enhances efficiency but also results in substantial time savings.

Compatibility Testing: With Compatibility Testing, we subject your application or website to an exhaustive evaluation within its digital ecosystem. This evaluation spans multiple platforms and complex network environments, ensuring your application’s performance thrives in diverse digital landscapes.

Security Testing: In today’s digital realm, security is paramount. Our Security Testing services are dedicated to safeguarding your application and data. We ensure that only authorized individuals can access and operate within your system. This rigorous testing guarantees adherence to access control, providing peace of mind for any organization.

In a technology-driven world, our quality assurance services serve as the linchpin for software that not only meets but surpasses expectations. We’re here to help you achieve impeccable functionality, peak performance, and robust security, all while saving valuable time through automation.

Automation Services

Empowering Your Automation Journey for Faster Results

In a rapidly evolving software landscape, automation is the key to achieving efficiency and expediting results. At Audviklabs, we take pride in helping our clients define and execute their automation journey in critical domains such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation), blockchain, cloud, and more.

Why Choose Automation?
As industries transform, automation becomes essential to stay ahead of the curve. Our expertise ensures that your automation journey is not only efficient but also instrumental in reducing the time required for testing, allowing your organization to reap the benefits faster.

Our Comprehensive Services:
1. API Testing: We evaluate the functionality and performance of your APIs, ensuring seamless integration.
2. CRM Testing: Our meticulous testing verifies the functionality, usability, and security of Customer Relationship Management software.
3. Blockchain Testing: We guarantee the reliability, security, and performance of blockchain applications and networks.
4. UX Testing: Our assessment focuses on usability, accessibility, and user experience, ensuring exceptional digital products.
5. Robotic Process Automation: We rigorously test the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of software robots automating your business processes.
6. Cloud Ops Assurance: We ensure the availability, scalability, and reliability of cloud-based applications and infrastructure.
7. Agile Testing: Our iterative and collaborative approach to testing aligns seamlessly with agile development processes.
8. Cloud Migration Testing: We verify the performance, compatibility, and security of applications and data during cloud migration.
9. Localization Testing: Cultural and linguistic appropriateness for specific regions and locales is a priority in our testing.
10. DevOps Quality Assurance: We integrate quality assurance into the software development and deployment process, ensuring the rapid and continuous delivery of high-quality software.

In today’s competitive landscape, automation is your gateway to staying agile and efficient. Let Audviklabs be your partner in this transformative journey, making your organization future-ready and results-driven.

Security Services

Elevate Your Security with Comprehensive Testing

In today’s digital landscape, security is paramount. At [Your Company Name], we offer cutting-edge Security Testing services that provide you with the knowledge, expertise, and efficiency to conduct meticulous security evaluations of your applications and their corresponding environments. We’re here to ensure that your digital assets are fortified and resilient in the face of modern threats.

Our Comprehensive Services:

1. Security Assessment of Cloud Hosted Applications: We leave no stone unturned when it comes to securing your cloud-hosted applications.

2. Web and Mobile Application Security: Our expertise extends to the assessment of web and mobile applications, as well as APIs, ensuring they are robust and impenetrable.

3. Threat Modeling: Our proactive approach includes threat modeling, identifying potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

4. DAST (Dynamic Application Security Assessment): We employ automated dynamic assessments to scrutinize your applications in real-world scenarios, detecting vulnerabilities on the fly.

5. SAST (Static Application Security Assessments): Our static assessments provide an in-depth analysis of your application’s source code, ensuring it’s free from security flaws.

At AudvikLabs, we’re committed to providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your application’s security posture. Our assessments help you identify vulnerabilities, and we go a step further by assisting with the remediation of the threats we uncover.

With our Security Testing services, you can rest assured that your digital assets are safeguarded, and your organization is fortified against security breaches.

Special Services

  • Optimize Your Software with Comprehensive Testing

    In today’s digital landscape, robust software is the backbone of any business. At [Your Company Name], we offer a range of testing services to ensure your software and applications perform flawlessly.

    Web Testing: Web applications are integral to modern businesses. Before your web application goes live, it’s crucial to conduct thorough testing. Our web testing services ensure that your application is free from flaws and ready for deployment, providing a critical quality assurance step.

    Configuration Testing: Our Configuration Testing services assess your software application across various combinations of software and hardware. This comprehensive evaluation helps determine the optimal configurations in which your software operates without errors or flaws. This ensures that your software is ready to perform seamlessly in diverse environments.

    Mobile Testing: Mobile applications play a pivotal role in today’s consumer landscape. Our team at [Your Company Name] conducts thorough reviews of your mobile application’s code, identifying and addressing bugs. We assist in making your application user-friendly and convenient. Our commitment extends to ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring that your mobile product continues to run smoothly with each update and enhancement. We are dedicated to helping you build a reliable, versatile, and scalable product that resonates with your end-users.

    At AudvikLabs, we are committed to optimizing your software and applications for a seamless user experience. Our testing services cover web, configuration, and mobile testing, ensuring that your digital solutions are robust, reliable, and ready to meet the demands of your users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quality assurance is a component of quality management that determines whether a product/service meets a business accepted standards. Quality Assurance is a means of ensuring the quality of software services or products provided to clients by a company. 

Software quality assurance is a procedure that is used throughout the software development life cycle. It is the most effective approach for businesses to verify that every aspect of their product has been thoroughly tested before releasing it to the market. AudvikLabs provides several different QA testing alternatives to cater to the demands of their clients. We ensure a smooth and end to end functionality of your services and make sure to continually perform routine check-ups for the same.

A summary of our approach while providing QA services is as follows: 

  1. Mark out a general Software Quality Assurance plan for the proposed product/service. 
  2. Create checkpoints. The team establishes checkpoints to assess the project’s operations at each step. Checkpoints guarantee that quality is checked on a frequent basis throughout the life cycle. 
  3. Formal Technical Reviews are conducted to assess the product’s prototype’s design and quality. These assessments entail meeting with technical employees to discuss the software’s real quality needs as well as the design quality of the prototype. 
  4. A combination of ML algorithms and manual procedures is employed by developers to control changes. This step comprises reviewing the nature of any modifications, verifying change requests, and managing the impacts of the changes. 
  5. If there is a flaw in the product, the developers will rectify it. Consequently, something has changed in the product. The QA team now assesses how this new modification affects the whole product and whether it is compatible with the rest of the project. 
  6. At the very end, we ensure frequent quality checks to enable the proper functioning of the designed product. 

If your project fits in one or more of the following categories, it is necessary to perform QA testing on the same: 

  1. The duration of the project exceeds more than one year. 
  2. The product is frequently patched and updated which necessitates routine check-ups. 
  3. The service/project is centered around modifying and analyzing data. Example: Data Science tech firms. 
  4. The product/service is based on agile development philosophy with short iterations and recurring releases.