Audvik Labs


Users within various departments require efficient access to project documents and the ability to utilize voice-to- text for their queries


Developed an in-depth understanding of system modules and customizations to charter the problem at hand and understand the data flow to design the application logic

  • Architected the application using serverless and containerized methodology to provide flexibility & scalability.
  • Engineered complex custom code modules along-with enhancements to bridge shortcomings and enhance UI Optimized built-In simulator reducing the run time by 10%.
  • Designed Interactive and customizable dashboards to aid user understanding, derive quick insights from data allowing them to create 30% more simulations as compared to before.
  • Enhanced UI/UX for better in-app experience, intuitive navigation along with prompts, error messages and alerts to help users understand what is not working and why.
  • Detailed data migration plan & deployment plan for success.



  • Lack of system knowledge
  •  Complexity and design of the data flow within application
  • Complex forked containerization
  • Legacy data migration


• Successful in-depth decryption of data design & flow within application in less than 4 weeks
• Enhanced user experience
• Slashed the run-time of application by 40% in the 1st month.

Tech Stack

  • Java
  • C-Sharp
  • Angular JS


Successful migration of application using containerization technology making the application robust, scalable, flexible in hybrid IT environments.

Consolidation in IT infrastructure brought in 50K savings in the 1st year, followed by 10K potential savings YoY with reduction in total run time of app

Enhancements in the application aids user community to interact. share information and view the results faster than ever driving efficiency in work.


$ 0 K
Cost savings in 1st Year
New Features Deployed
$ 0 K
Savings In Run Cost
" With the help of AudvikLabs' cutting-edge cloud solution, our organization experienced a remarkable transformation of our legacy applications, resulting in unparalleled productivity and efficient.
Ton Gladys