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What is AWS CodeCommit ?


AWS is a version control service, which is hosted and fully managed by Amazon, which can be used to privately store data (documents, binary files, source code) and manage them in the cloud. It offers high scalability, security and helps manage source control service, which is used to host private Git repositories.

It eliminates the requirement for the user to know Git and manage their own source control system or worry about scaling up or down their infrastructure. Codecommit supports all the standard functionalities that can be found in Git, which means it works effortlessly with user’s current Git-based tools

Features of Codecommit

•User doesn’t need to worry about provisioning hardware, server, scaling or software which must be installed, configured or updated.

•Eliminates the administrative overhead from the user’ end of managing their own software and hardware.

•Provides highly available service, which is durable.

•User’s code is stored securely, since the Codecommit repositories are encrypted.

•Software development team members can work collaboratively on the code. Codecommit repositories support pull requests, with the help of which users can review each other’s code, comment on other’s code and apply the changes required before merging them into branches.

•There is a provision of email notifications which sends automatically sends emails to users about pull requests, commits, and comments.

•It is an easy task to scale the version control for projects. Codecommit can handle repos that have large files or branches that have large sizes and a long revision history.

•Anything can be stored in Codecommit repositories at any point in time, irrespective of the size of files or file types.

•Repositories are stored close to production resources in the cloud, due to which the speed and frequency of software development life cycle improves.

•If data from a remote repository is required, it can be easily migrated from any Git-based repository to Codecommit’s repository.

•Codecommit comes with support of Git command, and it can be used with AWS CLI and API as well.

Set up for AWS Codecommit

•Sign into AWS Management console. The user can upload, add, or edit a file to the repository, from the AWS Codecommit console.

•Configure HTTPS Git credentials for Codecommit, which will set a static username and password, supports all operating system, and is compatible with IDEs and development tools.

• Codecommit credentials can be managed and viewed from AWS console through the ‘My security credentials’ tab.

•Amazon CodeCommit is a Git repository but comes with the trademark AWS approach of replication across multiple regions providing a secure, highly available code repository ensuring development of your projects can continue uninterrupted should an availability zone go offline.

•CodeCommit removes a lot of manual maintenance tasks related to version control found in some other commercial code management solutions and supports large objects, so can scale along with your code base.

•CodeCommit has all your favourite tools and integrations like a CLI interface, compatibility with all the major coding IDEs as well integration with project management applications like Jira.

•If you are building application on AWS infrastructure, you will also have the added advantage of integration with your existing AWS account and IAM credentials. CodeCommit also plays well with other AWS services like AWS CodePipeline for capturing version control information and artifacts.  CodeCommit makes it as easy to provision a new code repository as it is to provision a new server instance on AWS.

•AWS CodeCommit will automatically encrypt your files in transit and at rest and will allow you to store any type and size of file in repositories that do not have size limits. This allows you to store images, libraries and version specific assets along with your code.

Conclusions – AWS CodeCommit

Version Control System is an essential part of software development. Because your code will be revising numerous times and you will be kept on updating the code.

You need to have a perfect version control system because it keeps all the important code and libraries. So, it’s essential to choose it wisely, and CodeCommit has excellent features in terms of security, availability, and management. Even when your company is very small or big, it can be used to manage them easily.

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